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The story of Lewis OfMan and Profil de Face is above all a story of common growth and development; a shared direction and desires. The story begins with a simple meeting. A meeting to get to know one another and discover the similarities in our paths at Le Reinitas, a cafe in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. At this moment, Lewis is in his first year of literary studies, the same studies one of us (Paul) had been in a few years back.

Our first approach to working together is unified through management. The project progressively developed: with beautiful releases, live shows, and later on some remixes, so we decided to join forces for the foreseeable future and have Lewis sign with our label (the logical and natural next step).

In parallel with building his career, Lewis as a talented composer aspired to work with other artists. Our emerging role as a publisher began to take place at this point in our history. Connecting Vendredi sur Mer and Lewis then came to mind. It was decided that he was to produce the first EP (marée basse) of the young performer and afterward her album (premiers émois).

What follows is the building of Lewis’ live career, with his first shows for Yelle in the US, first European shows with Rejjie Snow as well as Polo & Pan, a tour in China, and headlining for venues in Paris, Barcelona, London, and New York, while passing through numerous festivals (Pitchfork, We Love Green,…).
From here the project starts gaining momentum on all artistic aspects, so we decide it is time to reflect together on his first album.
Attitude and Dancy Boy are the building blocks that we hope will showcase Lewis’ talents to as many people as possible.

FLASH 2018
YO BENE 2017
Tour dates

Europe tour — Tickets

02.02.2022 — LONDON — Peckham Audio
18.02.2022 — MADRID — Sala Clamores
20.02.2022 — BARCELONA — La Nau
12.03.2022 — LYON — Le Sucre
16.03.2022 — NANTES — Stereolux
18.03.2022 — COGNAC — Les Abattoirs
24.03.2022 — NIMES — Paloma
26.03.2022 — LAVAL — 6par4
31.03.2022 — PARIS — Gaîté Lyrique
01.04.2022 — NANCY — L’Autre Canal
07.04.2022 — REIMS — La Cartonnerie
09.04.2022 — VALENCIA — Mala Conducta
14.04.2022 — AIX-EN-PROVENCE — 6mic
21.04.2022 — BORDEAUX — Blonde Venus
more to come…


Lewis has also worked as a composer on many beautiful projects: Vendredi sur Mer (Marée Basse EP, Premiers Emois LP), Rejjie Snow (Room 24 LP) Fakear (All Glows LP), Pirouettes (Monopils LP), Emile (Boost EP), Camille Jansen (Louise single) and also Ichon (Pour de vrai LP).