Profil de Face

Founded in 2014 by brothers Paul & Simon Andrieux, Profil de Face is a multifaceted (culture) company. A record label first – the Paris brand has evolved into a dynamic and innovative company.

Inspired by their parents theatre production company, Profil de Face inherited the name and essence of the family. It is with the same care, transparency and authenticity that Profil de Face approaches their work.  To be a part of Profil de Face, is to be part of an extended family of musicians, directors, designers and thinkers.

Profil de Face has been a catalyst for the careers of musical acts such as Vendredi sur Mer, Lewis OfMan, & Bleu Toucan. Alongside artistic direction and A&R, the label oversees the production and booking of tours globally for their artists. The label’s current repertoire has over 130 million collective streams that have been shared with audiences around the world. Their work further extends to supporting projects for director Alice Kong, photographer Ecoute Cherie, and design studio Querida.

The future of Profil de Face is in a constant place of creation as it expands to include clothing, furniture, & houseware that embody the same level of thoughtful care.

everything with care.