Sarah Balhadere – Beauty of Everyday

Nothing but fondness and regard for Sarah Balhadère, a photographer who we especially admire. It was only natural to entrust her with creating the images for the first products to adorn this site.
For Sarah, it’s a passion for images with a big I that began once she was offered her first camera by her parents at the age of 14. Passionate about what she does, she describes her work as being closer to documentation than simply photography because the memory aspect plays an essential role in her art.
The love of people, the feeling of the moment, and being able to capture scenes from life inspires her daily routine and helps her to free away from clichés.
The candid relationship between Profil de Face and Sarah Balhadère is what we wished to actualize here by putting in place the series “Beauty of everyday”
As the name suggests, “Beauty of everyday” narrates the poetry of everyday life, from the abstract to the appreciation of the passing of time. Six photos from the series can be found on the shop.