Tour - Profil de Face
About the Tour

Live performances play one of the most essential roles in the development of an artist’s career. Profil de Face, on top of producing, publishing and managing, plays a part in creating the tours for artists as well.

Getting our start in France, we have produced many shows for Vendredi sur Mer in venues big and small. Ranging from Les Trois Baudets and Point Ephémère, to Gaîté Lyrique and Olympia

The bookings for shows, as well as festivals, such as Pete The Monkeys, Hello Birds, We Love Green, le Printemps de Bourges, Francofolies La Rochelle, etc…were also handled by our care.

We’ve equally dealt with shows outside of France, including Lewis OfMan’s tours through North and South America, and a tour in China.

Our strong contacts with brands allows us to initiate collaborations with our artists, while also opening up the opportunity to play live for specific brand events (Eres, Gucci, Gérard Darel, Heineken, H&M, etc…)


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Tour - Profil de Face