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About Finding Neo

Finding Neo are one of the most exciting acts emerging out of the Norwegian neo soul scene these days. The duo, consisting of vocalist Andrea Ådland and guitarist/producer Mathias Keilegavlen, met in high school and began to develop the soundscape that later would turn into Finding Neo. Even though Andrea and Mathias act as the group’s front persons, they first and foremost consider themselves as a band. Joined by some of their closest friends on stage, they work together in a search for what their band name implies: To find something new. Finding Neo is a project that strives to continually develop an exciting musical universe. 

Their musical repertoire offers a great variety, serving a mix of danceable party tunes and more relaxing elements. All of their music played is live and organic (ie without tracks), which is a high value in developing the concert experience for a Finding Neo audience member. There is a big focus on groove, and the goal of the music is to make it feel good in both the ears, and the body of those who choose to dance. The soundscape otherwise offers everything from hints of floating synths to more percussive rhythms from bass and guitar. 

Their critically acclaimed debut EP, ‘Hits 4 Neokids’, opened the eyes and ears of music journalists and listeners all over the world. In December 2019 they also went on tour supporting the international indie sensation girl in red. Their upcoming sophomore EP will be released during the spring of 2021. 

HIGH LOW   2020
HIT 4 NEOKIDS   2019