FW20 Hoodies


An indispensable part of every wardrobe, finding the perfect hoodie is not an easy thing to do. It’s the perfect compromise between sportswear and casual; equally comfortable and resistant after multiple washes, and withstands various daily activities.

After having tested a myriad of them over the years, from all sorts of different materials and styles, we concluded that the only ones to master the art of the hoodie (since it is an art in itself) are none other than the Americans.
Originally inspired by capes with overhanging hoods worn in ancient Greece, the hoodie as we know it today came about in the US in the 30s by the intermediate of the brand Knickerbocker Knitting Company, better known today by the name Champion.
In the beginning, it was created to keep athletes warm after their training and competitions, but it was New York workers who quickly made it their own thanks to its practicality, resistance, and warmth (as mentioned earlier). Afterward, it became a staple in street culture (dancers, hip-hop artists, graffiti artists…) and has now even moved to Silicon Valley and people like Mark Zuckerberg. As an effect, no one says or dares to say that the hoodie is the future challenger of the traditional outfit in the contemporary work environment.
To come back around to the hoodie that specifically interests us, we present the hoodie from the brand CAMBER USA, with whom we have decided to associate with. Situated in Pennsylvania, Camber does everything from A to Z in the USA, including everything from the material to the packaging.
It’s a heavyweight hoodie weighing 340 grams/12 oz., made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester (making it more resistant).
The material from Jersey is cross-knitted with an abraded interior, making it super comfortable to wear. The eyelets around the drawstrings are in brass to increase their longstanding durability. This piece, offering comfort, aesthetic, and most importantly quality, is available in two varieties.
A “classic” model and an “illustrated” model. The classic model is adorned with subdued embroidery that includes our typographic identity and the illustrated model features an embroidery at the heart of the hoodie that illustrates the unification between our two universes; Profil de Face and Camber.